Helderberg Target Archery Club

Helderberg Target Archery, founded in October 2014, is an independent archery club situated just outside Somerset West at the foot of Helderberg, serenely surrounded by oak trees on the property of Vredenburg Manor House.

At Helderberg Target Archery (HTA) we endeavour to provide a professional, safe environment to practise and exercise the wonderful sport of archery, to be enjoyed by all archers.

HTA is a member’s only archery club, however we do welcome visitors and newcomers to the sport by appointment only during the following operating hours (visitors need to be accompanied by a club member):

Mondays – Fridays: 16h00-till dark
Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays: 09h00-17h00

Please take note that this archery facility is not equipped to accommodate team building exercises, birthday parties or any just for fun, group or similar activities. HTA is an archers for archers club and runs as a non-profit organisation.

Coaching takes place every second Saturday with local tournaments taking place on the alternative Saturdays; please contact us for further details and to book your spot!

For further information contact the Club or keep in touch via Facebook.

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